Lost package

We're so sorry that your package is lost. We wish that we could be more of a help but often we can't physically help because packages are typically in your own city. 

Here are some things to try to retrieve your package:

1. Please check the address that you put on your package. Make sure you address is correct. (Apartment number, suite number, and zip code are often reasons why packages get lost). If your package is rerouted to us you will have to pay for new shipping to get it sent back.

2. Check with your front desk if you like in an apartment or dorm style living. Often packages are too big for front desk.

3. Wait or day or two sometimes USPS delivers packages to your neighbors and will pick them up and send it to you the next day after.

4. Check with your local post office. (We often can't contact your local agent because they don't typically answer the phone)

5. File a claim with USPS. Use your tracking number for file a claim with USPS they will try to find your package and 8/10 refund you for your package if it's lost.



BBUB GREEK GIFTS is not responsible for any lost packages.